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Born in Worcester, MA to two teachers, Alicia Witt made her film debut in David Lynch's 1984 film, “Dune” at the age of eight.  Home-schooled, Witt received her high school diploma at age 14 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting full time.  
Once in Los Angeles, Lynch cast her again in his Emmy® Award-winning cult classic television series "Twin Peaks,” and once again in his HBO trilogy "Hotel Room" in 1993, in which she portrayed a young woman with multiple personality disorder. Witt also appeared in “Mr. Holland's Opus” alongside Richard Dreyfuss. 
In 1994, Witt appeared in the critically acclaimed “Fun,” directed by Rafal Zielinski.  For the role, Witt received the Special Jury Recognition Award at Sundance and a nomination for an Independent Spirit Award.  
Witt, an accomplished classically trained pianist, went on to showcase her skills in the romantic comedy “Playing Mona Lisa.”  For this role, Witt won a Best Actress Award at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival.  Witt’s other credits include guest appearances on the series "The Sopranos" and "Ally McBeal,” before landing her lead role on the CBS sitcom “Cybill,” starring as Zoey, Cybill Shepherd's quirky daughter. 
Most recently, Witt has had guest starring roles on “Friday Night Lights,” “The Mentalist” and “Two and a Half Men,” and joined the cast of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” for the 2007-2008 season as Detective Nola Falacci.  In 2005, Witt starred in the feature film, “The Upside of Anger” opposite Kevin Costner and Joan Allen, after starring in 2002’s romantic comedy, “Two Weeks Notice” opposite Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock.  She was also seen in the John Waters film “Cecil B. DeMented” and made a cameo in the independent film “American Girl.” 
Witt recently starred in the short film, “The Pond,” as a woman who is grieving the death of the love of her life.  Witt is also working on a music career, and released her first self-titled EP on iTunes in July 2009.  She resides in Los Angeles and New York.

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