Beverly Lewis' The Confession

Adrian Paul

Dylan Bennett

Versatility, discipline and a solid work ethic have been the underpinnings of Adrian Paul’s very successful 24-year acting career. With over twenty-five films and two hundred hours of television experience, it can be said Paul has successfully taken on a rich diversity of roles.

During the past four years, in between spending time in Europe developing his own production company and running his charity the Peace Fund, Paul has also been starring and co-starring in films such as “The Heavy,” “Eyeborgs,” “Nine Miles Down,” “Deadly Descent” and “Cold Fusion.”

Paul is set to direct his first feature in 2013, is developing a mini-series based in 1850s Louisiana and in December 2012 launched his own radio show called Peace Fund Radio. The focus being on charitable work around the world, highlighting notable celebrity guests linked to charitable organizations of their own, as well as showcasing the Peace Fund’s Charitable partners worldwide.

Having worked in film, television and theater, and now radio, in both Europe and America, Paul is now recognized in countries all over the world.

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