Roark Critchlow


Roark Critchlow arrived in Los Angeles from Canada in 1992 (he has dual citizenship) and one year later was cast as Mike Horton on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives.”  After 6 years of playing the sensitive hunk, he chose to move on and pursue roles in film and primetime. 

From having a dual personality in “The Mentalist” to playing Starbuck’s tormented father on “Battlestar Gallactica,” Roark delivers compelling and inspires performances.  He has also worked with Adam Sandler on “Mr. Deeds,” Joe Mantegna in HBO’s “Comrades of Summer,” Gwyneth Paltrow in “The View From Here,” and appeared in numerous SyFy movies. 

The younger generations know Roark as the grump Dr. Glazer on Nickelodeons “Drake and Josh.”  He keeps his romantic chops up in television films like “Panic Button,” “Mending Fences,” and “Shark Swarm.”  A master of accents, Roark has played roles as Russian, German, and British characters.

An established voiceover artist with 8 television and radio campaigns to his credit, he also voiced the lead character Joel Shoemaker in 120 episodes of “Afterworld,” Sony’s critically acclaimed sci-fi animated series. 

Roark Critchlow is currently keeping busy playing Tom Marin on ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” and just returned from Bulgaria where he played in SyFy Channel’s “Vampyre Nation.” 

After two seasons as FBI Director Paul Kendrick on ABC’s “V,” he will be seen trying to save a portion of humanity in the SyFy production, “Earth’s Final Hours,” due to air this summer.  He guest-starred on the season premiere of “NCIS,” which turned out to be the show’s highest rated episode to date.  He also recently revised his role of Dr. Mike Horton on “Days of Our Lives.”

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