An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

Hélène Joy

Mary Bassett
Born in Perth, Australia, Helene Joy has spent her life traveling the world and pursuing her love of acting. She trained as an actor at the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, before leaving for the East coast. Her early career began on the stage, touring Australia-wide in various roles with the famous Sydney based Bell Shakespeare Theatre Company. Joy then went on to play such classic roles as Juliet, Ophelia and a very young Lady Macbeth, for the Melbourne Theatre Company. She worked in Australian Film and TV series such as the “Man From Snowy River” and “Water Rats,” before moving to Vancouver, Canada. There she continued working on the small screen before winning the BC Leo award for Best Actress in a Feature Film for her starring role in the Independent production “Desolation Sound.” 
Her wandering spirit again moved her to a change of scene, and she now calls Toronto her home. Joy has met with continued success on in programs like “An American in Canada,” “Under the Dragon’s Tail,” “Regenesis,” “This is Wonderland,” and “Puppets Who Kill,” garnering three Gemini nominations for her work in both comedy and drama. She is presently shooting two series, “The Murdoch Mysteries,” a 13-part series based on the mystery novels of Maureen Jennings, and CBC’s “MVP.” She can be seen right now on TMN in the dark domestic drama “Durham County” and soon in a fantastical musical film version of the Nutcracker ballet, “The Secret of the Nutcracker” on CBC."
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