The Memory Book

Art Hindle


Art Hindle was raised in Toronto's Beaches neighborhood and caught the acting bug when he was in his 20s. Audaciously, he chose to leave a successful career as a stockbroker to try his hand at acting. By 1971, talent and good looks landed him a lead role in Canada's first million-dollar movie, "Faceoff." This hockey romance made Hindle a star and, soon, American offers began pouring in, including the classic "Black Christmas." When work eventually dried up in Canada, the young Hindle, already a father of four, moved to Los Angeles. The move paid off and, for the next 30 years, he worked on dozens of movies, series, and mini-series including, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," "Porky's," "Dallas," and "Beverly Hills 90210." 

Hindle returned to Canada in the 90s to play the lead in "E.N.G." This role ran for five years and won him an award for Best Actor. During this time, he also started directing. A few years later, he both starred in and directed the award-winning series "Paradise Falls." 

In 2004, Hindle married his hometown sweetheart and returned to Canada, where he has settled in horse country just outside of Toronto. At this stage in his life, Hindle is free to decide whether he'd like to work or just relax, spend time with his grandchildren, and enjoy playing golf. 

An advocate for the arts, Hindle is Vice President of ACTRA Toronto and spends his time and energy lobbying provincial and federal governments for precious tax credits for the film and TV industry.

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