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When Sparks Fly

Kristina Pesic

Sammie Harper

Upon graduating high school, Kristina Pesic threw caution to the wind and dove head first into the acting world. She has not looked back since. 

With a face you just can't forget, Kristina is most recognized for her work on the four-year Rogers "My5" Wireless commercial campaign. She has appeared on several television shows including "Degrassi," "Being Erica," "Blue Mountain State," "Rookie Blue," "The Listener," and "Lost Girl." She will also be co-starring in the second season of "Defiance" on the SyFy Network. 

Pesic appeared in the Edgar Wright directed feature film "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," where she had an amazing time working alongside Michael Cera. She's been seen in other major motion pictures including "The Hulk" starring Edward Norton, "Repo Man" starring Jude Law, and "The Vow" starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. Kristina made her starring role debut in the feature film "Please Kill Mr. Know It All." 

Kristina has studied acting with the renowned instructor Lewis Baumander and has trained at the Professional Actors Lab in Toronto. 

When she's not working on set, Kristina can be found cooking up a storm in her kitchen or working on the never-ending project of decorating her new house.

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