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JC grew up in Louisberg, Kansas, a small farming town with a population of 1,500. As a child, JC’s beloved mother taught him to bake. She’d always say, “dessert is a must,” and JC still carries on that tradition with gusto. By day, JC works as an auditor for Costco Wholesale, but he’s famous around Kansas City for his decadent desserts. When his partner developed Type B Lymphoma in 2012, JC stayed home to care for him. Baking once again was a source of comfort. Then, as his partner’s health improved, JC spent his free time donating homemade cookies and desserts around the community. JC’s now specializes in custom cakes and handcrafted macaroons. Every single day, he “accidentally” whips up extravagant desserts to share with loved ones, clients and his favorite charities. Follow JC on Instagram


Q: When did you start baking, and why?
A: I’ve been baking off and on my entire adult life. I really started baking strongly eight years ago when my partner developed type B lymphoma of the brain and I needed to be around the house to care after him.

Q: What are the specialty ingredients you can’t live without?
A: ISpecialty ingredients that I never went out would be almond flour, fresh fruit purées such as black current, Guava, passionfruit, blood orange, and fig to name a few. Lastly, I have a host of flavored Liquor that I flavor many of my pastries with.

Q: What’s your signature dish?
A: IMy signature dish would be my over-the-top crazy designed cakes.

Q: Who do you love to bake for?
A: II love baking for different charities in the city. I’m able to fulfill my passion for baking while others are able to make money from my passion by having them in their events.

Q: What does holiday baking mean to you?
A: IHoliday baking means communion, togetherness, love, joy and laughter. That’s why I like to make unusual cakes with the twist. It always brings a smile to people’s faces and warms their hearts. and I love being able to play a small part in that.

Q: What’s your favorite holiday baking memory?
A: IEach year it brings something new and exciting. To have one thing stand out is almost impossible for me. I like to get a group of friends together every year and we get together laugh exchange stories, have some wine, and bake and create.