Wednesday December 11th, 2019

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DIY Peppermint Lawn Lollipops
Paige Hemmis shows how to make life-size lawn lollipops.

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Poinsettia Christmas Cookies - Home & Family

Poinsettia Christmas Cookies
Creator of “The Hutch Oven,” Emily Hutchinson is in the kitchen making a tasty holiday treat of poinsettia Christmas cookies. She cautions you to avoid over-whipping the buttercream because it will become grainy. When done, she tops the cookies with sugar pearls for an extra beautiful touch.

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DIY Melted Snowman
Paige Hemmis is making a festive DIY melted snowman to put outside your house. She jokes that because he is melted, he is more of a California snowman. Starting with plywood, you can cut it into any shape you want. She encourages you to use LED Christmas lights so they don’t get too warm against the wood. When done with cutting the plywood, she uses a foam ball as the snowman head. Make sure your glue gun is on low when applying it on to the styrofoam.

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Elizabeth Heiskell’s Beef Bourguignon - Home & Family

Beef Bourguignon
Owner of, Elizabeth Heiskell is making the classic French dish, beef bourguignon. To save money, Elizabeth uses a boneless chuck roast. She jokes that she used to assume that because this dish was French, she thought it was too difficult to make, but now admits she was wrong.

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Christmas Camellias
Shirley Bovshow is giving you professional tips on how to care for Christmas camellias. When working with these types of plants, use acidic soil to help the plant absorb nutrients. After she plants the camellias, she adds greenery around the plant to make it more decorative.

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