SEASON ONE • 1974-1975

EPISODE 1 • Harvest Of Friends After moving his family to Minnesota's prairie, pioneer Charles Ingalls settles on farmland by Plum Creek just outside the town of Walnut Grove but encounters difficulties when he tries to acquire the deed to their new farm.

EPISODE 2 • Country Girls
Mary and Laura begin school and have to deal with difficult new classmates. A essay for parents day causes Laura to worry as she cannot write what she wants to say, so she makes a speech instead.

EPISODE 3 • 100 Mile Walk
After a hailstorm leaves the Ingalls' crops in tatters, Charles must work to recoup the money in a dangerous dynamiting job

EPISODE 4 • Mr. Edwards' Homecoming
When Charles encounters Mr. Edwards in the midst of a bar fight in Mankato, Charles brings him to Walnut Grove to rehabilitate him.

EPISODE 5 • The Love Of Johnny Johnson
Laura's unrequited crush on older student Johnny Johnson, is made worse by Johnny’s interest in Mary. A sibling rivalry erupts between the sisters.

EPISODE 6 • If I Should Wake Before I Die
Miss Amy is depressed after the death of one of her friends and enlists the help of Doctor Heiram Baker and Charles to fake her death as sh is Certain that only her funeral will bring her distant children and grandchildren to Walnut Grove for a long overdue visit.

EPISODE 7 • Town Party, Country Party
While at a party at Nellie Oleson's, Laura befriends another girl Olga, who has a birth defect causing one leg to be shorter than the other. Laura exacts revenge on Nellie during the Ingalls ‘ party.

EPISODE 8 • Ma's Holiday
Charles and his daughters surprise Caroline with a romantic holiday. After Mr. Edwards volunteers to watch the sisters while their parents are gone, he finds the girls, to be more than he can handle.

EPISODE 9 • School Mom
When school teacher Miss Beadle is injured, Caroline takes over as substitute teacher of Walnut Grove School and helps a young boy nicknamed “Dumb Abel” to read.

EPISODE 10 • The Raccoon
When Mary brings home a raccoon, Laura decides to keep as a pet. But when the raccoon bites her and runs away, Laura swears Mary to secrecy about the bite. Whena rabid raccoon starts attacking their chickens, Mary reveals her to their father.

EPISODE 11 • The Voice Of Tinker Jones
When Reverend Alden asks Walnut Grove for a Church bell, Mrs. Oleson offers to donate one and a plaque commemorating her generosity. The twon splits on what to do and the children must come up with an answer to save the day.

EPISODE 12 • The Award
Mary is inspired to take an extra credit exam to win an award, but when her mother forbids her to take the exam, Mary doesn’t take the news well.

EPISODE 13 • The Lord Is My Shepherd Pt 1 and 2
The Ingalls family welcome a new baby boy to its fold. But when the child dies, Laura is plagued by guilt over his death as she refused to pray for his health.

EPISODE 14 • Christmas At Plum Creek
The Ingalls family celebrate their first memorable Christmas in Walnut Grove.

EPISODE 15 • Family Quarrel
Mr. and Mrs. Oleson get into a huge argument and decide to separate, sending the Ingalls and the Olesons' other friends to intervene.

EPISODE 16 • Doctor's Lady
When Doctor Baker falls for Mrs. Oleson's niece Kate he is plagued by doubts about his age and his love for her.

EPISODE 17 • Circus Man
A medicine man challenges Doc Baker's business as he offers popular treatments to the town.

EPISODE 18 • Plague
As a typhus outbreak sweeps Walnut Grove, several people become seriously ill. Charles is devastated when his friend Mr. Edwards becomes ill, but discovers the key to the disease lies with him.

EPISODE 19 • Child Of Pain
The Ingalls take in a boy accused of beating his alcoholic father. Charles tries to rehabilitate the alcoholic man.

EPISODE 20 • Money Crop
While returning from a family trip, the Ingalls receive word of twofold dangers ahead: an impending blizzard and a dangerous Indian fugitive is on the loose.

EPISODE 21 • Survival
A medicine man challenges Doc Baker's business as he offers popular treatments to the town.

EPISODE 22 • To See The World
Johnny Johnson decides to leave Walnut Grove but with a little help and guidance, Mr. Edwards convinces him to stay.

EPISODE 23 • Founder's Day
Founder's Day comes to Walnut Grove, and the townspeople eagerly compete in various competitions as part of the celebrations.

SEASON TWO • 1975-1976
EPISODE 24 • The Richest Man In Walnut Grove

Hanson's Mill is forced to close when a major customer declares bankruptcy, leaving Charles owed two months of back pay. The Ingalls are forced to find money to pay their bills.

EPISODE 25 • Four Eyes
The mysterious decline in Mary's school performance is uncovered when Charles realizes she needs glasses; but the joyous self-confidence that comes with Mary is teased for having 'four eyes' in school.

EPISODE 26 • Haunted House
When Nellie dares Laura to enter a rickety old house, Laura discovers and befriends a kindly old widower living there.

EPISODE 27 • In The Big Inning
It's a hard fought game when Walnut Grove vs. Sleepy Eye play in the annual baseball match.

EPISODE 28 • The Campout
Nellie and Mrs. Oleson invite themselves along on the Ingalls' campout and seem to mix like water and oil throughout the trip. But Laura and Nellie have to rely on each other for survival when they are trapped in a stream.

EPISODE 29 • The Spring Dance
Laura wants to go to the annual Spring Dance with Henry Henderson but he’s too shy to ask her out. Caroline decides to teach Laura a technique to encourage him to act.

EPISODE 30 • Remember Me (Part 1)
Widowed mother Julia Sanderson has a terminal illness and no close relatives willing to care for her three children. Charles promises her the children will find a new home.

EPISODE 31 • Remember Me (Part 2)
Charles has a difficult time finding someone who will adopt all three Sanderson children. Mr. Edwards makes a decision that will change his life and the lives of the three orphaned children.

EPISODE 32 • Ebenezer Sprague
Charles needs to obtain a loan from the new banker, Ebenezer Sprague but the cold-hearted gentleman refuses to trust Charles until Laura unwitting befriends him at the fishing hole.

EPISODE 33 • At The End Of The Rainbow
While fishing, Laura and Jonah find a glittery substance that looks like gold. Laura begins fantasizing about her family being very rich.

EPISODE 34 • The Gift
The children of Walnut Grove pool their money to buy Rev. Alden a new Bible. Mary is entrusted with the cash, however, Mary and Laura decide to invest it in a money making scheme that fails.

EPISODE 35 • His Father's Son
Mr. Edwards and John Jr. are increasingly estranged from each other, and when John Jr. writes a letter to Mr. Edwards, which gets no response, John Jr. fears their relationship will never be repaired. A hunting trip brings the two men together at last.

EPISODE 36 • The Talking Machine
Laura and Nellie vie for the affections of a new schoolboy Jason.

EPISODE 37 • The Pride Of Walnut Grove
When Mary wants to compete in a statewide math competition, the entire town council agrees to pay for her travel bill. But Mary to worries she will let them down.

EPISODE 38 • A Matter Of Faith
While Charles and the girls are on a camping trip, Caroline becomes seriously ill back at home.

EPISODE 39 • The Runaway Caboose
Exploring the train station, Mary, Laura and Carl wander into a caboose, which, without warning begins to roll. Charles and Mr. Edwards race against time to try to stop the runaway caboose.

EPISODE 40 • Troublemaker
Miss Beadle is relieved of her duties as schoolmarm and is replaced Hannibal Applewood. The children soon nickname him 'Mr. Crabapple.'

EPISODE 41 • The Long Road Home
Hard times have hit Walnut Grove leaving Charles and Mr. Edwards to take a job handling highly explosive dynamite along a rough road. Through rough detours, bandits, and prejudice, Charles and Mr. Edwards must work hard on the long road home.

EPISODE 42 • For My Lady
Caroline and the girls become suspicious of Charles reasons for taking a woodworking job for an attractive young widow.

EPISODE 43 • Centennial
Miss Beadle is relieved of her duties as schoolmarm and is replaced Hannibal Applewood. The children soon nickname him 'Mr. Crabapple.'

EPISODE 44 • Soldier's Return
Mrs. Whipple's son returns to Walnut Grove to resume his career as a music teacher. He and Mary become close but his new happiness takes a turn for the worse when a boy reminds him of his past.

EPISODE 45 • Going Home
A devastating tornado destroys Charles crops, leaving him despondent. Seeing little opportunity ahead, Charles decides to move his family back to Wisconsin and sell his farm.

SEASON THREE • 1976-1977
EPISODE 46 • The Collection
When Rev. Alden falls ill, ex-convict Caleb Hodgekiss offers to collect the money on his behalf. However, Hodgekiss schemes to keep the money himself, until he sees how the money is to be used.

EPISODE 47 • I'll Ride The Wind
Mary and John Jr. are falling in love, and marriage may soon be on the horizon. But Mary is worried that she could be standing in the way between John and his dreams.

EPISODE 48 • Bunny
While riding Laura’s favorite horse Bunny, Nellie begins to mistreat it. The horse throws Nellie who is shaken but not seriously hurt; however, Nellie decides to pretend that she has been paralyzed in the accident so that Bunny will be destroyed.

EPISODE 49 • The Race
Laura discovers Nellie is faking her paralysis and challenges her to a race between Nellie and Laura, and their respective horses. Mrs. Oleson decides to buy a thoroughbred to help Nellie win.

EPISODE 50 • The Monster Of Walnut Grove
When Laura thinks Mr. Oleson has beheaded his wife she reports what she had seen to Nellie and Willie, who know their mother is out of town but play along at their nemesis's expense.

EPISODE 51 • Journey In The Spring (Part 1)
Charles' mother passes, Charles brings his father to Walnut Grove. While staying with his son's family, Landsford forms a special relationship with his grandaughter Laura.

EPISODE 52 • Journey In The Spring (Part 2)
Landsford's relationship with granddaughter Laura continues to grow, but when Bunny the horse is injured, he tells Laura he will try to nurse the horse back to health. Bunny has to be destroyed, leaving Laura angry at Landsford for making a promise he couldn’t keep.

EPISODE 53 • Fred
In order to earn some extra money Laura starts working with Fred, the goat who quickly wreaks havoc on Walnut Grove, doing everything from eating the Ingalls' crops to butting Rev. Alden in the back.

EPISODE 54 • The Bully Boys

The Gallinder family arrive in Walnut Grove and quickly cause trouble. Rev. Alden pleads with the townspeople to be patient with the newcomers, but it soon becomes clear the Gallinders need to be run out of town.

EPISODE 55 • The Hunters
Charles is badly wounded when Laura knocks over a gun and it discharges. Desperately searching for help, Laura and convinces a blind man to help. They are forced to work together to get out of the woods and find a doctor.

EPISODE 56 • Blizzard
In the series' second Christmas episode, Miss Beadle lets school out early on Christmas Eve. A light snowfall quickly becomes a monster blizzard, trapping the children halfway home.

EPISODE 57 • Little Girl Lost
Carrie is pestering her older sisters on a butterfly gathering trip for school. However, when Carrie falls down an old mine shaft, her sisters regret their annoyance. An old miner finds has an opportunity to redeem himself and rescue Carrie.

EPISODE 58 • Quarantine
When Mr. Edwards returns from a nearby town with mountain fever, he passes it along to Alicia who becomes very sick. Laura finds them and tries to nurse them back to health.

EPISODE 59 • Little Women
Hen the school plans to put on a series of plays based on books, Laura, Mary and Ginny, decide to do a play on 'Little Women.'

EPISODE 60 • Injun Kid
Laura becomes friends with Joseph Stokes, the son of a Sioux Indian who moves to Walnut Grove with his family.

EPISODE 61 • To Live With Fear (Part 1)
Mary is severely injured when a horse kicks her and needs surgery to save her life. Charles and Mr. Edwards are forced to take dynamiting jobs for the railroad to pay for the surgery.

EPISODE 62 • To Live With Fear (Part 2)
Mary needs more surgery which Charles has to find the money to pay for. Working long hours on the dynamiting job, Charles causes an accident that traps him and a co-worker. Mr. Edwards leads a harried effort to save the two men's lives.

EPISODE 63 • The Wisdom Of Solomon
A young black runaway named Solomon, the son of former slaves, arrives in Walnut Grove and soon takes refuge at the Ingalls.

EPISODE 64 • The Music Box
Laura makes friends with Anna, a girl with a stutter and very few friends. When Laura steals a music box from the store, Nellie uses the information to blackmail Laura into humiliating Anna. Laura eventually comes clean, unwilling to be cruel to her friend.

EPISODE 65 • The Election
There are shenanigans aplenty as the three-way race for class president between Nellie, Mary and Elmer Dobkins plays out.

EPISODE 66 • Gold Country
When their crops are destroyed by heavy rain, the Ingalls and Edwards families head west to pan for gold. However, the temptations of striking it rich soon turns everyone against each other.

SEASON FOUR • 1977-1978
EPISODE 67 • Castoffs
When her beloved dog Jack dies, a grieving Laura refuses to pay attention to a stray dog that comes home. Eventually, she forms an emotional bond with the new pup, whom she names Bandit.

EPISODE 68 • Times Of Change
When Charles and Mary go to Chicago, Mary meets up with John Jr., who has started a job as a cub reporter for a newspaper. However, former lovebirds John and Mary soon find their lives headed in separate directions.

EPISODE 69 • My Ellen
When Laura and Mary go skinny dipping with Ellen Taylor, Ellen drowns. Ellen's grief-stricken mother blames Laura for the tragedy, and suffers from a temporary breakdown. Thinking Laura is Ellen, she imprisons Laura in the basement. Laura must rely on her wits to escape and help Mrs. Taylor come to terms with Ellen's death.

EPISODE 70 • The Handyman
Charles decides to build an addition onto the house to stop Caroline’s complaints about the small kitchen. Charles is called away and Caroline hires a handsome stranger to finish the job, fanning rumors all over town.

EPISODE 71 • The Wolves
Laura and her new friend, Andy Garvey, find an injured mother wolf and her pack of baby pups. Andy takes the wolf and her babies to the Ingalls barn when a pack of rabid dogs advance on them, trapping Andy, Laura, Carrie and Bandit inside. They have to rely on Bandit and the mother wolf to save them from being mauled.

EPISODE 72 • The Creeper of Walnut Grove
Laura and Andy become detectives to solve a series of burglaries in Walnut Grove. However, when Laura sets some traps to catch the culprit, she ends up catching her father in the snare instead.

EPISODE 73 • To Run And Hide
When Dr. Baker resigns as Walnut Grove's doctor, his replacement is ill-tempered and has no compassion for his clients. Charles decides to go all-out to convince Dr. Baker that the people of Hero Township need him to return.

EPISODE 74 • The Aftermath
The James’ brothers bring their trail of death and treachery to Walnut Grove. While trying to blend into the background, a posse arrives to arrest them and Mary is taken hostage.

EPISODE 75 • The High Cost Of Being Right
When the Garvey's barn burns down, Alice decides to take a job at the post office. Johnathan is outraged as he believes that it's a man's job to support a family.

EPISODE 76 • The Fighter (90-minute episode)
Boxer Joe Kagan's career costs him everything, including his family. He now faces his greatest challenge from his own son.

EPISODE 77 • Meet Me At The Fair
The Oleson and Ingalls families travel to a fair in Mankato, where Mary hopes to spend time with a boyfriend. Instead she finds herself propositioned by her boyfriend's boss.

EPISODE 78 • Here Come The Brides
When Adam Simms and his son Luke move to town, Adam takes a liking to school teacher Miss Beadle, while Luke and Nellie fall in love and run away to get married.

EPISODE 79 • Freedom Flight
Charles leaves with an Indian boy to help his ill father, angering several racist citizens who are convinced the Indians mean to attack them. Charles gets busy nursing the tribe leader back to health and warding off an impending war.

EPISODE 80 • The Rivals
Charles finds stiff competition from a rival business. Laura has fallen in love with Jimmy Hill, and must compete with somebody else for his attentions.

EPISODE 81 • Whisper Country
Mary gets her first teaching job in Willow Prairie, but is driven from the community by its strict held views and beliefs. After her father gives her a pep talk, Mary returns to the town and they slowly begin to embrace the value of education.

EPISODE 82 • I Remember, I Remember
While waiting for the girls’ father to return, Caroline tells the children the story of how she and Charles met

EPISODE 83 • Be My Friend
After Laura finds a bottle with a note inside reading, 'Be my friend,' she looks for the note’s author. Instead she and her father find a baby and are tasked with finding the child's parents.

EPISODE 84 • The Inheritance
When Charles receives news that he is to receive an inheritance to an estate, the family goes on a wild spending spree to upgrade their farm and equipment. But when, Charles finds out he's inherited Confederate money, Mrs. Oleson wants to foreclose on the Ingalls farm.

EPISODE 85 • The Strange
When Nels' 12-year-old nephew’s behavior grows unmanageable, he is sent to Walnut Grove to straighten out. However, Nels eventually turns to Charles for assistance in rehabilitating Peter.

EPISODE 86 • A Most Precious Gift
Having always wanted a son, Charles has another chance to get one when Caroline announces she's pregnant.

EPISODE 87 • I'll Be Waving As You Drive Away (Part 1)
Mary’s eyesight beings to worsen, but that doesn’t stop her from falling in love with newcomer Seth Barton. Charles finds out Mary’s vision cannot be saved, and she will soon go blind, but he doesn’t tell her until one morning, Mary wakes up and finds to her horror she is completely blind.

EPISODE 88 • I'll Be Waving As You Drive Away (Part 2)
Mary is sent to a blind school in Iowa, where she meets her husband-to-be, Adam Kendall. At first, Mary refuses to accept Adam's help, but he eventually helps her deal with her blindness. show ended up being renewed for the following season.

SEASON FIVE • 1978-1979
EPISODE 89 • As Long As We're Together (Part 1)
Walnut Grove falls on hard times and the Ingalls, Olesons and Garveys resettle in the town of Winoka, where they are met by a cruel local businessman, Miles Standish.

EPISODE 90 • As Long As We're Together (Part 2)
The former Walnut Grove residents continue to adjust to life in the city of Winoka. Charles and Caroline are managing The Dakota Hotel; Nels, Harriet and Jonathan Garvey are working in the saloon and Alice Garvey begins teaching school.

EPISODE 91 • The Winoka Warriors

Charles convinces Albert to attend the livery school. Albert and the livery school's football team, coached by Garvey, use a new secret weapon to play against the private Winoka school's team.

EPISODE 92 • The Man Inside
Laura’s friendship with a shy classmate is jeopardized when Laura makes fun of an obese man, not realizing he is the girl's father.

EPISODE 93 • There's No Place Like Home (Part 1)
When a gambling man loses all his winnings, his losses indirectly lead to some of Winoka's residents deciding to return home to Walnut Grove.

EPISODE 94 • There's No Place Like Home (Part 2)
The Ingalls and their friends return home to Walnut Grove, only to find a disgruntled and disabled Lars Hanson, who's recently been crippled by a stroke.

EPISODE 95 • Fagin
Charles buys Albert a cow for the upcoming county fair causing Laura to grow jealous from Charles giving more attention to Albert. Nellie teasing Laura about having Albert as a brother makes things worse and Laura punches Nellie.

EPISODE 96 • Harriet's Happenings
Sterling Murdoch, Mrs. Oleson's cousin, comes to Walnut Grove to start the town's first newspaper, The Pen and the Plow.

EPISODE 97 • The Wedding
Adam proposes to Mary, and she accepts and Charles and Caroline travel to Winoka for the wedding. However, Mary begins to have doubts about getting married, as she is worried about how she and Adam will possibly be able to raise a baby, since they are both blind.

EPISODE 98 • Men Will Be Boys
When Albert and Andy boast they can be self-sufficient if the needed to be, Charles and Jonathan decide to take them on a camping trip to put that claim to rest. But Albert and Andy prove their worth.

EPISODE 99 • The Cheaters
The Walnut Grove School children take tests to prepare for the next grade, but after Andy Garvey shows failing grades, his parents enlist Nellie Oleson to help him with his studies.

EPISODE 100 • Blind Journey (Part 1)
Mr. Hanson wills his house to the town of Walnut Grove and the town council elect to turn it into the new blind school.

EPISODE 101 • Blind Journey (Part 2)
In Winoka, Mrs. Oleson discovers Mrs. Terhune is not an elite society lady from St. Louis, but rather Hester Sue Terhune, the African American caretaker of the blind school. Mrs. Oleson finally overcomes her racism as she returns to Walnut Grove. EPISODE 102 • The Godsister (90-minute episode)

Carrie becomes heartsick for her Pa when Charles and Jonathan take jobs on a telephone crew and must be away for weeks.

EPISODE 103 • The Craftsman
Albert takes a job as apprentice for a Jewish coffin maker, who is the target of deep prejudice in the community.

EPISODE 104 • Blind Man's Bluff
Laura's schoolmate and friend Jordan has dreams of working for a circus. After an accident causes temporary blindness, Jordan pretends to remain blind in an effort to bring his parents closer together and avoid their upcoming divorce.

EPISODE 105 • Dance With Me (90-minute episode)
Toby Noe returns to stay with the Ingalls family until the spirited spinster Amanda Cooper catches his eye. Toby sets out to win her heart but she is determined to keep him at arm's length.

EPISODE 106 • The Sound Of Children
Mary and Adam discover they are having a baby. Adam's father visits Walnut Grove upon learning the news and convinces Adam and Mary to move to New York so that Adam can attend law school and eventually become a partner in his father's law firm.

EPISODE 107 • The Lake Kezia Monster
Mrs. Oleson attempts to evict Kezia from her house by the lake. She, Willie and Nellie move in and force Kezia to serve as their maid, but Laura, Albert and Andy Garvey hatch a plan to drive the Olesons away.

EPISODE 108 • Barn Burner
Jonathan Garvey has had enough of Farmer Judd Larabee’s racism when he objects to setting a standard price for wheat, particularly since black farmers would pay the same rate as white farmers. Tensions escalate when a vengeful Larabee pays a visit to the Garveys and assaults Andy, who is the only one home.

EPISODE 109 • Enchanted Cottage
Mary’s eyesight begins to show improvement and the entire family hopes she will fully recover. Meanwhile, Adam struggles with the possibility of Mary regaining her vision and what that means for their future.

EPISODE 110 • Someone Please Love Me
Charles meets up with Brett Harper, one of the state's best horse breeders during a horse-buying trip to Sleepy Eye. However, Harper's alcoholism has taken a deep toll on the family and Charles temporarily takes the role as the family man while he tries to sober Harper up, but his touch may have worked too well.

EPISODE 111 • Mortal Mission
Walnut Grove townsfolk become seriously ill after eating anthrax-laced mutton, turning the Blind School into a makeshift hospital and morgue.

EPISODE 112 • The Odyssey
Laura friend Dylan, has a dream to one day see the ocean. But when the boy discovers he is terminally ill, he sets out to realize his dream and Laura and Albert join him.

SEASON SIX • 1979-1980
EPISODE 113 • Back To School (Part 1)
Laura meets Almanzo Wilder, her future husband. Nellie and her mother also have their eye on the handsome young farmer and believe that Nellie's new restaurant and hotel will attract his attention.

EPISODE 114 • Back To School (Part 2)
Laura and Nellie, both vying for Almanzo’s attention, engage in a series of dirty tricks to get back at the other.

EPISODE 115 • The Family Tree
A 'family tree' school project documenting the history of their families causes Albert to remember his own dark past. He has become attached to the Ingalls and wants to be adopted by them but first, they must face Albert's real father.

EPISODE 116 • The Third Miracle
Adam wins a teaching award and must travel to Minneapolis to receive it. En route, they are involved in a serious stagecoach accident. Mary is the only one who is able to look for help.

EPISODE 117 • Annabelle
When the circus comes to town, Nellie’s father tries to make amends with his estranged sister, Annabelle.

EPISODE 118 • The Preacher Takes A Wife
Rev. Alden falls in love with a member of his congregation and marries her.

EPISODE 119 • The Halloween Dream
During a nap before a Halloween party, Albert and Laura dream they are mistaken for Indians and taken to a tribe's camp.

Special #2 • The Little House Years (TV-Movie)
In this three-hour special, the cast reminisce on their past years in Walnut Grove

EPISODE 120 • The Return of Mr. Edwards
Mr. Edwards’ daughter Alicia is nearly crushed by a falling tree. Edwards saves her, but his legs are crushed and he soon becomes resigned to life as a cripple. Neither Charles nor Laura can seem to get Mr. Edwards to snap out of his depression, which is taking its toll on the family.

EPISODE 121 • The King Is Dead
A professional wrestling promoter tries to convince Jonathan to become a championship wrestler.

EPISODE 122 • The Faith Healer
hen a traveling minister comes to Walnut Grove on a 'healing' crusade and one of his congregation dies, some citizens begin to question the minister's motives.

EPISODE 123 • Author, Author
Caroline's parents come for a visit, but on the trip her mother passes away. Caroline's father is distraught until she convinces him to write an autobiography.

EPISODE 124 • Crossed Connections
Walnut Grove experiences the arrival of the newly invented telephone. The switchboard, housed in Nellie's Restaurant, is manned by Harriet who listens in on a phone conversation from Alice Garvey about her past, which has an adverse effect on the entire Garvey family.

EPISODE 125 • The Angry Heart
A teen-aged boy comes to Walnut Grove to live with his grandparents, but when the elderly couple become afraid of the boy, Charles offers to help reform him.

EPISODE 126 • The Werewolf Of Walnut Grove
A bully terrorizes Albert’s school teacher Miss Wilder and his fellow classmates. The children decide they've had enough of being pushed around and gang up on the bully.

EPISODE 127 • What Ever Happened To The Class Of '56?
Charles and Caroline travel to their class reunion, and find that many of their classmates have become financially successful. But are they really happy in their lives?

EPISODE 128 • Darkness Is My Friend
While spending the night at the Blind School, Laura and Mary are held hostage by a trio of escaped felons. When one of them becomes ill from a gunshot wound, the leader sends Laura to get a doctor, warning her that the consequences will be deadly if she says anything about the hostage situation.

EPISODE 129 • Silent Promises
Laura, eager to appear more mature, offers to teach a deaf boy sign language. As their lessons continue, he develops feelings for Laura.

EPISODE 130 • May We Make Them Proud
Albert and a friend, Clay, inadvertently cause a fire at the School for the Blind, killing Mrs. Garvey and Mary's infant son. Albert must come face-to-face with what he has done.

EPISODE 131 • Wilder And Wilder
Almanzo's wandering brother, Perley Day, comes to stay and Charles hopes Laura's feelings will shift to him.

EPISODE 132 • Second Spring
Nels has had enough of his henpecked family life and begins selling his wares on the road. Along the way he meets a beautiful woman named Molly and the two begin a wonderful friendship Nels finds himself fighting temptation and infidelity.

EPISODE 133 • Sweet Sixteen
The school district's superintendent comes to Walnut Grove looking for a replacement teacher. Eliza Jane recommends Laura who passes her teacher's exam and is given the position.

EPISODE 134 • He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Part 1)
Almanzo proposes to Laura who accepts, but Charles calls their age difference into question. He tells Almanzo to wait two years for him and Laura to be married.

EPISODE 135 • He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Part 2)
With Percival's help, Nellie transforms into a nice person which is hard for the Ingalls to believe.

SEASON SEVEN • 1980-1981
EPISODE 136 • Laura Ingalls Wilder (Part 1)
Almanzo decides to purchase land for a new farm but he loses everything in the deal. Meanwhile, Eliza Jane falls in love with Harve Miller, a friend of Almanzo's who has come to live in Walnut Grove. Laura begins teaching at Walnut Grove School. Nellie finds out that she is pregnant.

EPISODE 137 • Laura Ingalls Wilder (Part 2)
After Almanzo loses his crop and postpones their wedding, Laura offers to take a teaching position in another town to help earn money for a new farm. Laura and Almanzo are wed at the Blind School in Sleepy Eye.

EPISODE 138 • A New Beginning
Unable to make a living in Walnut Grove, Jonathan moves to Sleepy Eye to start his own freight business.

EPISODE 139 • Fight Team Fight!
One-time football star Pete Ellerbee comes to Walnut Grove to coach the town's football team. Albert joins so he can learn valuable skills such as teamwork, responsibility and doing your best. But those aren't Ellerbee's goals.

EPISODE 140 • The Silent Cry
Houston, the cantankerous caretaker of the Blind School, gets a turn in the spotlight when two orphaned boys are threatened with separation.

EPISODE 141 • Portrait Of Love
Annie Crane, a talented painted who lost her sight in early childhood, has her work publicized by an English exhibitor. The publicity brings Annie’s birthmother back into her life.

EPISODE 142 • Divorce, Walnut Grove Style
Laura believes that Almanzo is having an affair with a former girlfriend.

EPISODE 143 • Dearest Albert, I'll Miss You
A school project requires Albert becomes pen pals with a girl living elsewhere in the state. Both Albert and the girl make up facts about themselves to appear more attractive to the other.

EPISODE 144 • The In-Laws
At the suggestion of Garvey, Charles and Almanzo, decide that they will embark on a freight business to Sleepy Eye. When Almanzo suggests that there might be a better way to get to Sleepy Eye, the two decide to hold a race to prove who is correct.

EPISODE 145 • To See The Light (Part 1)
After a freak accident, Adam regains his sight, which fills Mary with doubt and worry over how his regained sight will effect their lives.

EPISODE 146 • To See The Light (Part 2)
Adam, now able to see again, commits himself to his goal of becoming a lawyer. While taking his entrance exam, he misses the final exam after being assaulted by hoodlums.

EPISODE 147 • Oleson Versus Oleson
A town referendum to vote on whether woman should have equal property ownership rights is held. The men all oppose it, including Nels, Charles and Almonzo.

EPISODE 148 • Come, Let Us Reason Together
When Percival's parents visit Walnut Grove, his real name is revealed as Isaac Cohen. Percival's father, Benjamin, is a hot-tempered man who lives by his Jewish faith, while Nellie's mother Harriet is a full-fledged Christian. After arguing what faith their grandchild will be raised with, Nellie gives birth to twins. Nellie and Percival agree to raise their son as a Jew and their daughter as a Christian.

EPISODE 149 • The Nephews
When Almanzo's brother Royal visits Walnut Grove and leaves his two naughty children in Almanzo and Laura's care, the couple is unimpressed by the children’s behavior while their parents enjoy a vacation.

EPISODE 150 • Make A Joyful Noise
Joe Kagen arrives in Sleepy Side as an assistant at the blind school. He begins to develop feeling for Hester Sue while working there even though she is planning to marry another man.

EPISODE 151 • Goodbye, Mrs Wilder
Mrs. Oleson’s meddling finally gets the better of Laura and she loses her patience with her. Laura resigns and lets Mrs. Oleson run the school, a task she gleefully accepts but a class rebellion soon ends her plans.

EPISODE 152 • Sylvia (Part 1)
A young student, Sylvia Webb, finds herself pregnant after a sexual assault. Working the switchboard, Mrs. Oleson overhears a conversation between Doc Baker and Mr. Webb about Sylvia’s pregnancy and she tells the entire town.

EPISODE 153 • Sylvia (Part 2)
Desperate to flee Walnut Grove and the gossip, Sylvia and her father plan to move away, but Sylvia and Albert have fallen in love and are making plans to get married and raise her baby.

EPISODE 154 • Blind Justice
Adam decides to get a job as a lawyer, but is turned down by his father's law firm Reinvigorated to make his own way, Adam decides to start a law firm of his own.

EPISODE 155 • I Do, Again
Laura discovers she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Caroline, who also believes that she is pregnant, finds out from Doc Baker that what she is really experiencing is early menopause meaning she will never have more children.

EPISODE 156 • The Lost Ones (Part 1)
A terrible accident leaves two young children orphaned and Charles has to find their families or take them in himself.

EPISODE 157 • The Lost Ones (Part 2)
Rev. Alden finds a family to take in orphaned James and Cassandra, unaware the father in the family is merely interested in the children as extra farmhands. The children eventually end up living with Charles and Caroline.

SEASON EIGHT • 1981-1982
EPISODE 158 • The Reincarnation of Nellie (Part 1)
After Percival’s father dies, Nellie and Percival move to New York to take over his store. Adam and Mary move as well so Adam can work at his father's law firm.

EPISODE 159 • The Reincarnation of Nellie (Part 2)
Willie is tricked by Nancy into locking a classroom rival Belinda Stevens in an ice shed, so Nancy could play the lead role in an upcoming musical.

EPISODE 160 • Growin' Pains
James, having lived in Albert’s shadow for awhile now, annoys Albert by copying everything he does. When he is caught stealing a razor blade from the store, James runs away.

EPISODE 161 • Dark Sage
Doc Baker hires a new black doctor which brings out the town’s racial prejudices.

EPISODE 162 • A Wiser Heart
Laura heads to Arizona to attend a writing seminar, but things don't go as planned thanks to a less than honorable professor.

EPISODE 163 • Gambini The Great
Albert, Willie and the other schoolchildren are fascinated by an aging daredeveil’s stunts and try to replicate them, but tragedy ensues.

EPISODE 164 • The Legend of Black Jake
Nels is kidnapped and held for ransom. But Mrs. Oleson is unwilling to pay the ransom to get her husband back, leaving Nels to plot his own revenge.

EPISODE 165 • Chicago
When John Jnr. Is killed in an apparent accident, Charles heads to Chicago to visit grief-stricken Mr. Edwards. Charles’ suspicions quickly arise over John Jr.'s death when his boss reveals he was investigating business corruption.

EPISODE 166 • For The Love of Nancy
Elmer, an overweight boy who is mercilessly teased by his new classmates, quickly catches Nancy's eye. But Nancy has plenty of cruel tricks up her sleeve, as she set about using Elmer to get her way.

EPISODE 167 • Wave of the Future
Mrs. Oleson, is worried that business is slow at Nellie's Restaurant, so she decides she wants to franchise the business to make more money. Charles and Nels respond by opening their own restaurant in competition.

EPISODE 168 • A Christmas They Never Forgot
It’s Christmas time and Adam and Mary return to Walnut Grove just ahead of a fierce blizzard. The Ingalls and their friends spend the snowy Christmas eve reminiscing over holiday memories.

EPISODE 169 • No Beast So Fierce
James makes friends with a young boy who stutters, but behind his friend Gideon’s back, James joins in with his friends teasing the boy. Caroline has to search for him.

EPISODE 170 • Stone Soup
Laura and Willie have a heart-to-heart talk about responsibility and being a good example to younger students. When the pregnant Laura collapses from heat stroke, Willie has to step up to his responsibilities.

EPISODE 171 • The Legacy
It’s 1982, and a couple buys an antique table branded with a large 'CI.' In flashback, we discover the table was a patent Charles created but a crooked businessman stole the plans and made a fortune from the product.

EPISODE 172 • Uncle Jed
Charles and Caroline decide to formally adopt James and Cassandra when their Uncle Jed shows up wanting custody.

EPISODE 173 • Second Chance
Hester Sue's ex-husband Sam Terhune comes to Walnut Grove, claiming he is no longer drinking, gambling and womanizing and wants a second chance. Hester Sue believes him and before long they plan to get re-married.

EPISODE 174 • Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow
After Almanzo falls ill, he worries about the condition of his crops. During a hailstorm, he rushes outside and suffers a stroke. Almanzo is then bitterly resigned to life as a cripple.

EPISODE 175 • Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow (Part 2)
After his stroke, Almanzo grows increasingly depressed. He refuses to take therapy and even the birth of his daughter, Rose, doesn't help matters. But when Laura is injured after a tornado levels their home, Almanzo changes his outlook on life.

EPISODE 176 • A Promise To Keep
Mr. Edwards returns to Walnut Grove, an alcoholic. After John Jr.'s violent death, Mr. Edwards fell into a deep depression that caused his marriage to fall apart. But when his drunken behavior causes an accident that almost claims Albert’s life, Charles steps in to sort him out.

EPISODE 177 • A Faraway Cry
Caroline heads to a mining camp with Doc Baker to treat victims of influenza. Caroline finds her pregnant childhood friend is there and desperately ill. Caroline vows to give the baby a good home after its mother dies shortly after giving birth.

EPISODE 178 • He Was Only Twelve (Part 1)
Charles, Albert, James and Mr. Edwards take a business trip to Sleepy Eye. James plans on opening a savings account with his birthday check and walks into the bank as it is being robbed.

EPISODE 179 • He Was Only Twelve (Part 2)
James remains in a coma after being shot during a bank robbery. Charles refuses to believe that James' injuries are fatal and takes him to the woods where he builds an altar and prays to God for a miracle.

SEASON NINE • 1982-1983
EPISODE 180 • Times Are Changing (Part 1)
The Ingalls move to Iowa in search of a better life. Laura resigns from Walnut Grove School to raise Rose at home, while Almanzo's brother Royal arrives telling them he is terminally ill.

EPISODE 181 • Times Are Changing (Part 2)
After Jenny’s father Royal dies, she finds life in Walnut Grove hard to adjust to, but the Carters find life easy in the town.

EPISODE 182 • Welcome To Olesonville
Welcome To Olesonville A power-hungry Mrs. Oleson forces a town election with one mandate: Elect Nels mayor or else. The townsfolk realize Nels will merely become a puppet for his wife and fight back with a candidate of their own.

EPISODE 183 • Rage
The bank denies farmer Stark a loan and he goes bankrupt. In a rage, he shoots his wife and daughter, and goes on the run, taking the Wilder women hostage.

EPISODE 184 • Little Lou
Mrs. Oleson refuses to do business with a new resident in Walnut Grove due to his physical disabilities causing him to lose his job.

EPISODE 185 • The Wild Boy (Part 1)
A young performer runs away from the circus and hides in the Wilder’s home. Almonzo and Laura discover the boy and decide to help.

EPISODE 186 • The Wild Boy (Part 2)
Nancy finds out about the large reward offered for the missing circus boy. She finds out where Matthew is hiding and leads his master to Mr. Edwards who battles the circus man for custody.

EPISODE 187 • The Return Of Nellie
Nancy is jealous of Nellie, and when Nellie tries to be friends, Nancy rejects her efforts and runs away from town.

EPISODE 188 • The Empire Builders
The railroad is coming to Walnut Grove, and forcing many farmers from their homes. Instead of being joyful about the new arrival, the townsfolk learn to resent the railroad.

EPISODE 189 • Love
Laura's blind childhood friend falls in love with Mr. Edwards, even with their age difference. Later, the young woman has surgery to restore her sight, and her feelings remain the same when she sees that Mr. Edwards is gruff-looking

EPISODE 190 • Alden's Dilemma
Alden's Dilemma Rev Alden is to be the recipient of a surprise party from a traveling minister. But this truth doesn't come to light until Alden suspects his congregation is actually planning to leave him.

EPISODE 191 • Marvin's Garden
Marvin's Garden Jenny, left unable to walk or talk after a near drowning is the last patient of a retiring doctor who must find someone to care for her after he retires.

EPISODE 192 • Sins Of The Fathers
Sarah Carter's father visits Walnut Grove, demanding they move back to New York, but she is not so quick to so as he wishes.

EPISODE 193 • The Older Brothers
A band of outlaws come to town and Mr. Edwards, Almanzo and John become mixed up with their activities.

EPISODE 194 • Once Upon A Time
Laura gets a publishing offer after she wins a story-writing contest.

EPISODE 195 • Home Again
Charles brings Albert back to Walnut Grove and soon discovers Albert is hooked on morphine.

EPISODE 196 • A Child With No Name
After the tragic death of Laura's newborn son from a virus picked up during a vacation while she was pregnant, Laura blames Doc Baker for the baby's death.

EPISODE 197 • The Last Summer
Sarah becomes jealous when Jason begins doing odd jobs for an aging woman and they develop a friendship.

EPISODE 198 • For The Love Of Blanche
Mr. Edwards’ promise to care for a dying traveler's 'baby,' takes on new meaning when he discover’s the “baby” is an orangutan.

EPISODE 199 • May I Have This Dance?
Willie is fed up with his mother's meddling and resolves to marry Rachel Brown, and take over management of Nellie's Restaurant and Hotel.

EPISODE 200 • Hello and Goodbye
Mr. Edwards moves into Laura’s new boarding house after Matthew’s natural father claims custody of the boy.