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Steven Guttenberg

Nick Claus
Steve Guttenberg was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Massapequa, Long Island.  His feature film credits are both numerous and notable and include “The Boys from Brazil,” “Can’t Stop the Music,” “Diner,” “The Man Who Wasn’t There,” the “Police Academy” franchise, “Cocoon,” “The Bedroom Window,” “Three Men and A Baby,” “Short Circuit” and “P.S. Your Cat Is Dead,” which he directed, produced, starred in and adapted from the Broadway hit.
Guttenberg’s television movies include “Something for Joey,” “To Race the Wind,” “Miracle on Ice,” “Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus” and “The Day After.”  He is also an accomplished stage actor who created the lead role in the Broadway production of “Prelude To A Kiss,” starred in “The Boys Next Door” in London’s West End, and won acclaim for his performance in the world premiere of “Furthest From the Sun,” which Woody Harrelson directed and co-authored.
Most recently, Guttenberg joined the cast of “Veronica Mars,” in a recurring role as a charismatic major league baseball team owner and leading candidate in the local race for mayor of Neptune, Calif. To show his support for the community, his daughter transfers from her private school to Neptune High.  He also stared in the NBC movie “Poseidon Adventure.” Guttenberg plays Richard Clarke, a husband and father torn between a mistress he must save and the family he can’t live without.
A fierce advocate for children, Guttenberg has two after-school specials to his credit.  He executive produced the Emmy® nominated “Gangs” and directed “Love Off Limits.”  His interest in the welfare of children inspired him to create Guttenhouse, an apartment complex that accommodates young people transitioning from foster child status to adult responsibilities.  The Entertainment Industry Foundation selected Guttenberg to be an Ambassador for Children’s Issues because of his dedicated work on behalf of children and the homeless.  In this capacity, he spearheaded Sight for Students, a multi-million dollar program that provides glasses for 50,000 underprivileged and visually challenged children.                                                              
Guttenberg is an avid surfer, golfer and a devoted dog owner.
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