The Three Gifts

Dylan Sprayberry


Dylan Sprayberry was born on July 7, 1998 in Houston Texas. From a very early age he displayed an unusual fascination for comic book heroes, acting, music and art, and to date, these interests have put a huge mark on his creative direction. By the age of three, Sprayberry had already shot his first TV commercial, and landed a handful of department store photo shoots. But it was in February 2006 when Sprayberry and his little sister Ellery arrived in Hollywood that his adventures really began.

Now 11 years old, Sprayberry is excited to be able to call himself a professional actor. He simply loves the craft, and has had the pleasure of working with some of Hollywood’s finest actors, directors, producers and crew. His most recent credits have been a recurring role on Tracy Ullman’s “State of the Union,” as well as an appearance in “Land of the Lost” and “Old Dogs” with John Travolta. He feels that every experience offers new lessons and insight as well as a great opportunity to make new friends.

His passion for art continues to grow, and in between a very busy schedule of shooting, school and auditioning, Sprayberry spends much of his spare time sketching, painting and creating his own unique style of morphed creatures and anything else that catches his creative mind.

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