The Three Gifts

Alex Zubarev


Alex Zubarev was born in August 1997 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota to Russian immigrant parents. He has always been very artistic and eager to perform in front of friends and family. At the age of three, Zubarev received a special Christmas gift: A toy guitar and microphone, which he used nonstop to entertain anyone who would watch.

His career started by starring in films made by his older brother. One day, they saw an advertisement in the local paper about an audition for a Hollywood talent agent. Zubarev went to the audition, and the agent loved him but would only be able to work with him if he moved to California, something he couldn’t do at the time. He did, however, decide to enroll in local classes, and in 2007, he attended an actors’ convention called iPOP.

With his older brother graduating from high school and wanting to become a filmmaker, the family moved to Southern California in June 2008. Zubarev signed with manager Myrna Lieberman and the AKA Agency. He has been auditioning consistently since arriving in Los Angeles, booking roles in film, commercials and webisodes.

When he is not acting, Zubarev likes to skateboard, play tennis, swim and play computer games. He has two brothers, one of whom is a student at the New York Film Academy.

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