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Gina Holden


Gina Holden is busier than ever shooting challenging and exciting roles all over the world. She was recently cast in the hit ABC fantasy “Legend Of The Seeker,” based on the popular book series by Terry Goodkind. In another impressive television credit, Holden was enlisted to play high-powered radio executive Trina Campbell on the CW family drama “Life Unexpected.” 

Her other recent television appearances include a lead role as controlling mother Shea Allen on “Harper’s Island,” the popular CBS horror-drama set off the coast of Seattle. She also guest starred in the CBS police drama “Flashpoint” alongside a talented cast led by Hugh Dillon. As Rachel Simpson, she played a devoted mom and recovered drug addict who lives at the rehab facility in the country where her parents left her fifteen years ago. 

Holden’s impressive film portfolio continues to expand as well. She recently filmed a supporting lead part in “Saw VII,” the latest installment in the hugely successful horror series. Previously, she starred in “Message Deleted,” a suspenseful thriller that found her opposite Matthew Lillard playing aspiring screenwriter Millie Councel. Holden also starred in “Screamers 2,” a sci-fi thriller based on an acclaimed Philip Dick story. 

Holden’s acting versatility was previously displayed in the hit CW series, “Smallville.” As Patricia Swann, Holden played the daughter of Virgil Swann, played by Christopher Reeves. In addition to memorable roles in big features and television series such as “Final Destination 3,” “Alien vs. Predator 2” and “Supernatural,” Holden played Coreen Fennel in twenty-one episodes of “Blood Ties,” the popular vampire series that aired for two seasons on the Lifetime Network. 

Off-screen, Holden is pursuing multiple projects on the production side of her craft. Early in 2009, she executive produced “Bangmaster General,” a surreal skateboarding web series created by award-winning director Corey Adams. 

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