Jodi Johnston is from Wenatchee, Washington and has been baking professionally for over 10 years. She owns and operates Cake Chic Studio with her mother-in-law-turned-best-friend, Sandy. When she’s not drumming up extravagant wedding cakes, you can find her in the kitchen as the executive pastry chef at Chateau Faire Le Pont Winery. She has a secret recipe that she’ll NEVER spill, but will pass down to her beloved baby granddaughter, Penelope. Follow Jodi on Instagram.

Q&A with Jodi

When did you start baking, and why?
I started professionally baking after the death of my father. I was his care taker the last years of his life and when he passed I was lost. We had a local food & craft fair coming up and I asked my mother in law, Sandy, "Hey why don't we bake some cupcakes and sell them." She said yes and over 10 years later I've achieved more the from that decision then I could have ever dreamed of.

What are the specialty ingredients you can’t live without?
Almond Filling! I make this amazing Ricotta Almond Raspberry cake and without that almond I would be lost with no signature recipe.

What’s your signature dish?
That's hard to come down to ONE dish, but my Ricotta Almond Raspberry Cake is my signature dish.

Who do you love to bake for?
Being a commercial baker I love baking for clients but I LOVE to actually bake for my family when I have time. When my family actually gets an actual dessert (not scraps, extras or flavor tester) their reactions and comments fill my heart.

What does holiday baking mean to you?
WORK! (LOL.) Seriously, WORK.

What’s your favorite holiday baking memory?
Every year creating platters of mixed cookie with my mother in law and my AMBASSADOR OF QUAN of cookie making!

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