Season One 1972-1973
Pilot TVM 1971 In 1933, during the Depression, the Walton family are in the midst of their Christmas preparations and hoping to celebrate it together. But there are events working against the family reuniting for the holiday.
Episode 1 The Foundling A six-year old deaf and mute girl is abandoned on the Waltons' doorstep and the family teaches her sign language, allowing her parents to understand how to communicate with their little girl.
Episode 2 The Carnival When a carnival comes to Waltons Mountain, four members of a carnival troupe are left stranded and are taken in by the family. The troupe members pay for the Walton's hospitality by giving them a private show.
Episode 3 The Calf The Waltons are happy when their cow gives birth to a healthy calf. The children are heartbroken when John has to sell the bull calf to pay for repairs.
Episode 4 The Hunt John-Boy wants to show that he is grown up, but has second thoughts about joining in his first hunt and Mary Ellen is torn between being a tomboy and wanting to be more of a girl.
Episode 5 The Typewriter John-Boy secretly borrows a typewriter from the Baldwin sisters, and Mary Ellen inadvertently gives it to a junk dealer.
Episode 6 The Star When a meteorite falls through the Baldwin sisters' roof, it has strange effects on the people of Walton's Mountain.
Episode 7 The Sinner Reverend Mathew Fordwick arrives in Walton's Mountain, but his credibility is tarnished even before his first service after drinking the recipe at an afternoon with the Baldwin sisters.
Episode 8 The Boys from CCC A cynical New York teenager ends up staying on Walton's Mountain.
Episode 9 The Ceremony A family of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany move to Walton's Mountain, where they try to hide their Judaism for fears of antisemitism.
Episode 10 The Legend One of John's old military buddies comes to visit the Waltons.
Episode 11 The Literary Man A writer comes to Walton's Mountain and impresses John-Boy with his tales of literary connections and accomplishments.
Episode 12 The Dust Bowl Cousins Cousins from Kansas come to visit while they await news of possible employment in Newport News.
Episode 13 The Reunion The Baldwin sisters' cousin Homer Lee Baldwin visits them, and inspires the sisters to organize a family reunion.
Episode 14 The Minstrel The Waltons have a contract to pick an apple orchard, but Mary Ellen shirks it to listen to a traveling musician who convinces her that her dreams are more important than her responsibilities.
Episode 15 The Actress Alvira Drummond, a glamorous actress of the stage and screen, is stranded on Walton's Mountain by her chauffeur whom she claims has stolen all of her money and her belongings.
Episode 16 The Fire Miss Hunter is threatened for teaching the origins of the human race, when Lutie Bascomb accuses her of filling his daughter Lois Mae's head with blasphemy and atheism.
Episode 17 The Love Story John-Boy falls in love with Jenny Pendleton, a young girl staying with the family while her father and stepmother are in Richmond.
Episode 18 The Courtship Cody, a 64-year-old bachelor, is set up by his family to go on a date with four-times married Cordelia Hunnicutt.
Episode 19 The Gypsies A band of traveling Gypsies face prejudice from some of the townspeople.
Episode 20 The Deed When the Waltons cannot produce a legal deed to the property the validity of their claim to their land is questioned.
Episode 21 The Scholar When Verdie Grant learns her daughter is graduating from college, she asks John-Boy to teach her to read or write.
Episode 22 The Bicycle John-Boy's meddling in a long-distance romance backfires.
Episode 23 The Townie John-Boy refuses to take friendship with a neighbor's sheltered daughter to the next level.
Episode 24 The Easter Story (Part 1) When Olivia is stricken with polio, John-Boy refuses to accept the doctor's prognosis that she may never walk again.
Episode 25 The Easter Story (Part 2) When Olivia is stricken with polio, John-Boy refuses to accept the doctor's prognosis that she may never walk again.

Season Two 1973-1974
Episode 26 The Journey An elderly neighbor reinforces John-Boy's feelings that despite hard times he is lucky to be surrounded by a loving family.
Episode 27 The Odyssey John-Boy seeks some solitude to write his stories, but finds a life-altering situation.
Episode 28 The Separation A misunderstanding and plain stubborn pride causes a rift between the Walton grandparents.
Episode 29 The Theft The disappearance of some valuable silver pieces throws suspicion on one of the Waltons.
Episode 30 The Roots An itinerant worker and his young son stay with the Waltons, causing the son to want his father to give up life on the road.
Episode 31 The Chicken Thief A local Robin Hood who steals from the haves and gives to the have-nots causes a crisis of conscience for John-Boy
Episode 32 The Prize As the Waltons prepare their entries for the local fair, an old suitor of Olivia's visits.
Episode 33 The Braggart When a grownup Hobie Shanks visits the Waltons, John Boy seems to be the only one put off by his outlandish claims.
Episode 34 The Fawn Erin adopts a wild animal while John Boy gets a life lesson with a new job.
Episode 35 & 36 The Thanksgiving Story (Part 1&2) Thanksgiving time on Walton's Mountain means a turkey shoot, a school play about early settlers, and the big meal. One year it also included a rekindled love affair and a life-threatening accident.
Episode 37 The Substitute When Miss Hunter is called away unexpectedly, a substitute teacher with ways of her own takes over.
Episode 38 The Bequest The promise of inherited money is behind some happy moments and unusual conflicts for the Walton Family.
Episode 39 The Air Mail Man Engine trouble on the air mail transport plane means the Waltons have a guest for a few days.
Episode 40 The Triangle John Boy's growing attachment to Miss Hunter is rocked when she becomes interested in someone else.
Episode 41 The Awakening The family becomes concerned about Grandma's hearing loss; A blossoming Mary Ellen draws the attention of an 'older man'.
Episode 42 The Honeymoon Olivia and John finally get a chance to take their postponed honeymoon to Virginia Beach.
Episode 43 The Heritage An offer to buy their land makes the Waltons think about what it would be like to have more money than they need.
Episode 44 The Gift Jason and John Boy's friend Seth wants to teach Jason how to play a recorder before he leaves for a road trip with his father.
Episode 45 The Cradle Olivia takes on a job as a door-to-door salesperson, but then discovers that she is pregnant again. Things do not go as planned though, and Olivia loses the baby.
Episode 46 The Fulfillment The Walton family takes an eight-year-old orphan, Stevie, into their home but he turns out to be very bitter and unhappy until Curtis and Ann Norris decide they will adopt him.
Episode 47 The Ghost Story The children of the Walton family are excited when they get a Ouija board.
Episode 48 The Graduation The Waltons make preparations for John-Boy's high-school graduation.
Episode 49 The Five Foot Shelf Olivia Walton takes pity on a book salesman who is trying to sell a collection of books, and puts down a deposit. But instead of placing her order, the salesman uses the money to buy a doll for his daughter.
Episode 50 The Car John-Boy needs to buy a car so he can get to and from college.

Season Three 1974-1975
Episode 51 and 52 The Conflict (Part 1 & 2) The Waltons rally around to fight the government eviction when Aunt Martha Corinne's house is condemned for a highway right-of-way.
Episode 53 The First Day John-Boy’s first day at college starts well when he gives a pretty coed a ride but ends in total disaster. Meanwhile, Jason takes on the role of big brother leaving the rest of the children chagrined.
Episode 54 The Thoroughbred John-Boy enters a mule in the annual cross-country race and finds instead that he is competing for Selena's affections.
Episode 55 The Runaway Jim-Bob runs away after the family ignores his sadness over the death of the school guinea pig, which had been entrusted to his care.
Episode 56 The Romance Olivia takes a night-school art class and receives other attentions from the instructor.
Episode 57 The Ring Mary Ellen discovers a beautiful ring in a secondhand purse she bought for a date with John-Boy's best friend.
Episode 58 The System John-Boy defends an athlete he tutored after having to report him for cheating on a history exam.
Episode 59 The Spoilers A former New York stockbroker and his family move to Walton's Mountain and upset the equilibrium of the residents.
Episode 60 The Marathon Against Olivia's wishes, John-Boy enters a dance marathon with a girl he met in a neighboring town.
Episode 61 The Book John-Boy's stories being accepted for publication upstages Jason's first professional musical job, with Bobby Bigelow and the Haystack Gang.
Episode 62 The Job John-Boy's job reading to a young blind woman involves him in the hostile girl's struggles.
Episode 63 The Departure Feeling put out to pasture, John seeks adventure by leaving to work in a Norfolk shipyard. He soon discovers, however, that the place where he would rather be is home with his family.
Episode 64 The Visitor The Waltons help prepare for the return of an old friend of Zeb Walton's, but they soon discover that there are some very strange circumstances surrounding his visit.
Episode 65 The Birthday Zeb Walton has a heart attack and appears to be close to death and losing the will to live until the family tries some unconventional treatment, which eventually helps him to recover.
Episode 66 The Lie When Ben borrows John-Boy's car without his permission, John-Boy is left to try to figure out how a hit and run accident occurred if he is going to get Ben out of trouble.
Episode 67 The Matchmakers Corabeth, a socialite cousin of the Waltons, arrives at Waltons Mountain for a visit and quickly meets and marries Ike Godsey, the owner of the Walton's Mountain General Store.
Episode 68 The Beguiled An unscrupulous student at Boatwright University steals John-Boys notes but the blame falls on a male student, a good friend of John-Boy, causing a great deal of hurt and distrust.
Episode 69 The Caretakers Grandpa gets angry and moves out with Grandma after John suggests he take life a little easier.
Episode 70 The Shivaree Olivia plans a wedding for a friend's daughter, but the city-bred fiance objects to the proceedings, not really understanding the customs of the people of Waltons Mountain.
Episode 71 The Choice Amid plans to expand his business, John considers Jason's desire to study music a waste of time. Jason, however, is intent on following his dreams and tries to win a scholarship to the Klineberg Conservatory.
Episode 72 The Statue Grandpa is the lucky winner of a raffle from Ike Godsey's store, however Grandma's feelings are hurt when she sees the prize. It is a statue, which looks just like one of her husband's old girlfriends. To save his marriage, Zeb finally takes the statue and throws it into Drucilla's Pond.
Episode 73 The Song Ben's plan to win a girl's heart sends her into the arms of Jason.
Episode 74 The Woman John and Olivia are preparing to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary and John-Boy begins to make plans with an older woman, whom he falls in love with.
Episode 75 The Venture The family may lose its considerable investment in a new business when John is hospitalized with pneumonia.

Season Four 1975-1976
Episode 76 The Sermon John-Boy has to write a sermon for Rev. Fordwick which helps him realize how important it is to be tolerant of people's differences and how important it is to treasure these differences.
Episode 77 The Genius In exchange for tutoring from a child genius in physics, John-Boy has to take his fellow student home for the weekend so he can experience family life.
Episode 78 The Fighter A young black man fighter arrives from Richmond looking for some work in exchange for room and board so he can train for an up-coming fight.
Episode 79 The Prophecy John's 25th year high school reunion is approaching and he’s apprehensive about facing his classmates.
Episode 80 The Boondoggle John-Boy is tasked with showing Porter Sims, a reporter who is writing a guidebook about Virginia, around town. Episode 81 The Breakdown Jason gets rundown after taking on the responsibilities but feels he has to be able to cope with it all as John-Boy was always able to do it.
Episode 82 The Wing-Walker John-Boy is intrigued when he is sent by the local newspaper to do a story on a wing-walker who is performing at the local fair.
Episode 83 The Competition John-Boy meets a handsome young college man studying forestry and is researching the forestry on Waltons Mountain.
Episode 84 The Emergence The Walton children, especially Elizabeth, find that it really isn't easy having their mother as a substitute teacher while Miss Hunter is on her honeymoon.
Episode 85 The Loss Young Olivia, now a widow after her husband Bob was killed in an accident, returns to stay with the family in an effort to heal.
Episode 86 The Abdication An old writer friend of John-Boy's returns to Waltons Mountain, to make a film from the screenplay he wrote about life in a small mountain town. The locals find the dramatic script amusing to say the least.
Episode 87 The Estrangement Cousin Vera leaves her husband Wade, who she feels is ignoring her and her child, takes her baby and heads to the Walton home where she seeks refuge.
Episode 88 The Nurse (a.k.a. The Triumph) Mary Ellen has recently graduated when she receives a letter from the University of Virginia, detailing the prerequisites for a Nursing degree and has to study the new subjects furiously before taking the exam.
Episode 89 The Intruders Ben decides he wants to be treated as an adult, so he leaves home to fend for himself.
Episode 90 The Search Olivia wants to visit a friend and takes Elizabeth and a very reluctant Jim-Bob with her. But trouble ensues when a task given to Ben has not been done and they are forced to change plans.
Episode 91 The Secret Jim Bob finds himself the butt of Erin and Ben’s teasing that he may not be a Walton because he doesn't look like any of the others and he decides to look into the possibility.
Episode 92 The Fox Grandpa’s tales of the battle at San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American War turn out to be slightly embellished over the years of telling.
Episode 93 The Burn Out (1) John-Boy is asked to submit part of his novel for consideration by a publishing company, but before he can do so, the whole novel is lost in a fire, which also destroys most of the Walton home.
Episode 94 The Burn Out (2) After the fire, Olivia tries to keep the family together as best she can, but with all of the sleeping quarters destroyed, John and Olivia decide the children would be better off staying with friends.
Episode 95 The Big Brother When dropping John and Olivia off at the bus station, John-Boy meets a young runaway girl at the bus station and takes her in, only to discover she is running a con on them.
Episode 96 The Test Olivia takes a job as a dressmaker in town so she can make friends and money, but discovers what she truly wants is to be home with her family.
Episode 97 The Quilting When Grandma comes home from nursing a sick relative, she and Mary Ellen clash over how the younger woman organizes her quilting.
Episode 98 The House Grandma inspires a town petition to save the old Whittley house and turn it into a building everyone can share.
Episode 99 The Fledgling When the newspaper John-Boy is working at as a stringer announces it is closing down, his boss offers to sell him an old printing press so John-Boy can start his own country newspaper.
Episode 100 The Collision An old flame is rekindled for John-Boy when Selina Linville returns to Walton's Mountain.

Season Five 1976-1977
Episode 101 The First Edition John-Boy is preparing the first edition of his newspaper, the Blue Ridge Chronicle and while looking for a front page headline, he witnesses a car accident involving the mayor.
Episode 102 The Vigil John-Boy interviews the local doctor who is leaving Walton's Mountain after finding business during the Depression too slow to make a decent living.
Episode 103 The Comeback As a part of the cost cutting measures being introduced at the Klineberg Conservatory, Jason’s scholarship has been withdrawn and he has to come up with his own tuition.
Episode 104 The Baptism The Waltons Mountain community is excited to learn that a well-known evangelist is coming to the Mountain to lead this year's revival meeting.
Episode 105 The Fire Storm John-Boy plans to publish excerpts from Hitler's book Mein Kampf in his newspaper in order to make the people of Waltons Mountain aware of what is going on in the world.
Episode 106 The Nightwalker When Ike Godsey renovates a hall with the intent on hiring it out to people for functions, John-Boy suggests to Jason raise funds for the renovations by holding a dance for the locals.
Episode 107 The Wedding (1) Mary Ellen surprises everyone when she announces her engagement to a wealthy young medical intern she met at the hospital where she is a nursing student.
Episode 108 The Wedding (2) Mary Ellen surprises everyone when she announces her engagement to a wealthy young medical intern she met at the hospital where she is a nursing student.
Episode 109 The Cloudburst John-Boy is in financial difficulty trying to make the payments on his newspaper printing press and the bank threatens to foreclose on his loan.
Episode 110 The Great Motorcycle Race After Jim Bob helps Ike by repairing his motorcycle, Ike allows him to use it in a motorcycle race.
Episode 111 The Pony Cart John Walton's ninety year old aunt comes to visit the family and annoys everyone when she insists on everyone doing everything her way.
Episode 112 The Best Christmas As the Walton family are preparing for what is potentially their last Christmas together as a family, the weather turns bad and misfortune and accidents start occurring around them.
Episode 113 The Last Mustang Grandpa objects when a wild mustang is captured and kept penned up, claiming the horse should be allowed to be free.
Episode 114 The Rebellion Olivia is bored with her old look and so decides to get a perm.
Episode 115 The Ferris Wheel The family becomes concerned when Elizabeth begins having nightmares and sleepwalks.
Episode 116 The Elopement When Erin's first love Chad Mitchell returns to Waltons Mountain, he comes armed with plans to build a cabin on his land and hopes to marry Erin.
Episode 117 John's Crossroad When business at the mill peters off, John is forced to take an office job in Charlottesville to make money.
Episode 118 The Career Girl Erin becomes depressed when she realizes she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life and career.
Episode 119 The Hero (a.k.a. The Go-Getter) John-Boy takes Grandma Walton’s suggestion he publish the first commemorative Blue Ridge Chronicle to mark return of the Jefferson County Doughboys from the war.
Episode 120 The Inferno John-Boy wins a newspaper-writing contest and finds out the prize is to cover the landing of the Hindenburg airship, and interview German immigrants about their trip.
Episode 121 The Heartbreaker Curt and Mary Ellen receive a visit from Curt’s sister who tell them her news; she has left her husband and intends to pursue a singing career.
Episode 122 The Long Night When Grandma is in hospital for an extended stay, Grandpa gets lonely and depressed over her absence.
Episode 123 The Hiding Place When Baldwin sister’s niece arrives for a visit at Waltons, John-Boy becomes annoyed by her lack of comment regarding the way Hitler is handling things in Germany.
Episode 124 The Go-Getter Frustrated at not being able to find the time to finish his novel, John-Boy wants to work less at the newspaper which causes Ben and he to have a falling out.
Episode 125 The Achievement John-Boy travels to Hastings House in New York after he receives no word about the progress of his novel only to find it hasn’t been read by the publisher yet.

Season Six 1977-1978
Episode 126 The Hawk When Reverend Fordwick retires a new preacher comes to Waltons Mountain to replace him and his unconventional ideas and eccentric behavior causes conflict among the congregation.
Episode 127 The Stray The Waltons find a little African-America boy hiding in their barn and the boy is quickly taken into the hearts of the family, especially John.
Episode 128 The Recluse Looking for work, Jason heads to Norfolk where he meets a woman who lives a reclusive lifestyle but when Jason shares his love of music with her, she opens her heart once more to life.
Episode 129 The Warrior Two strangers come to Waltons Mountain and show that they have roots there, which go deeper than anyone else's.
Episode 130 The Seashore To help with the war effort, the Baldwin sisters offer their seaside cottage.
Episode 131 The Volunteer Erin's boyfriend, G.W. enlists in the army after she turns down his proposal of marriage.
Episode 132 The Grandchild (1) Mary Ellen's baby is due and everyone on Waltons Mountain is anxious to know the outcome. For one lonely girl, who has lost her own baby, the occasion is not a joyful one and she kidnaps Mary Ellen's new born, hoping to replace her own baby.
Episode 133 The Grandchild (2) Mary Ellen's baby is due and everyone on Waltons Mountain is anxious to know the outcome. For one lonely girl, who has lost her own baby, the occasion is not a joyful one and she kidnaps Mary Ellen's new born, hoping to replace her own baby.
Episode 134 The First Casualty Curtis Willard is called up to serve in the US Medical Corps, and it is a sad day on Waltons Mountain when the body of one of the local boys is bought home from the War.
Episode 135 The Battle of Drucilla's Pond While the shadows of war creep closer to Waltons Mountain every day, Olivia paints some of the beauty spots on the mountain, so that valuable links with the past will be preserved for posterity.
Episode 136 The Flight Jim Bob meets a lad who shares his passionate interest in flying and both make plans for a fantastic future in the sky. Harsh reality, however, brings both boys down to earth.
Episode 137 The Children's Carol (1) As Christmas approaches, two young children who are refugees from the London blitz come to stay at Waltons Mountain in the Baldwin sisters' home. Mary Ellen and John Curtis leave the Walton home to enable them to be nearer to Curt at Christmas.
Episode 138 The Children's Carol (2) As Christmas approaches, two young children who are refugees from the London blitz come to stay at Waltons Mountain in the Baldwin sisters' home. Mary Ellen and John Curtis leave the Walton home to enable them to be nearer to Curt at Christmas.
Episode 139 The Milestone Olivia appears to be having difficulty coming to terms with the fact that she is going through menopause. Jim Bob is looking for a job and considers using deceit in order to get one.
Episode 140 The Celebration Only one more big order is needed to clear the Walton Sawmill of all debts so the Waltons plan a picnic to celebrate the final payment on the loan. The girls busy themselves playing matchmaker for the Reverend Buchanan.
Episode 141 The Rumor Germany invades Norway and Denmark causing dismay and distrust when newcomer Willie Brimmer and his family arrive looking for work and a place to live.
Episode 142 Spring Fever When Mamie Baldwin discovers her rosebush is dying, she fears that it will also be her last spring.
Episode 143 The Festival Despite the potential prejudice of the judges, Jason encourages Josh Foster to audition with him for the Spring Festival; Elizabeth likes a new boy in her class.
Episode 144 The Anniversary John and Olivia Walton are preparing to celebrate their 25th anniversary as their children prepare a surprise family party for to celebrate the event.
Episode 145 The Family Tree Jason helps Verdie investigate her family history; Elizabeth has been writing to a soldier pen pal but lies and tells him she is 18 and sends him a photograph of Erin.
Episode 146 The Ordeal (1) Ben and Jim-Bob feel guilty after Elizabeth breaks her legs in a fall from a log pile they stacked improperly. Once out of hospital, the Waltons adjust to Elizabeth's injuries and devise ways to help her learn to walk again.
Episode 147 The Ordeal (2) Ben and Jim-Bob feel guilty after Elizabeth breaks her legs in a fall from a log pile they stacked improperly. Once out of hospital, the Waltons adjust to Elizabeth's injuries and devise ways to help her learn to walk again.
Episode 148 The Return (1) John-Boy decides to revive his hometown's economy by opening the abandoned Guthrie coal mine; Erin conceals her second job.
Episode 149 The Return (2) John-Boy decides to revive his hometown's economy by opening the abandoned Guthrie coal mine; Erin conceals her second job.
Episode 150 The Revelation John-Boy announces his engagement to Daisy and is offered an assignment in London. Grandpa helps Elizabeth's lemonade business by secretly adding a drop of the recipe.
Episode 151 Grandma Comes Home An unhappy Grandma returns home to a loving and excited family and an overprotective Grandpa; a shy boy makes plans to see Elizabeth.

Season Seven 1978-1979
Episode 152 The Empty Nest (1) John struggles to fill a huge lumber contract by himself and Erin and Mary Ellen decide to move out of the family home and into an apartment in Charlottesville.
Episode 153 The Empty Nest (2) John struggles to fill a huge lumber contract by himself and Erin and Mary Ellen decide to move out of the family home and into an apartment in Charlottesville.
Episode 154 The Calling Jim-Bob's new love, the Baldwin's cousin, has more things than him on her mind as she is preparing to become a nun and Ben unknowingly hires a drunkard to work at the mill.
Episode 155 The Moonshiner Jason tries to reform their disreputable relative Boone Walton who comes back to the mountain and promptly gets into trouble with the law and Daisy, John-Boy's ex-fiancee, comes to visit Walton's Mountain.
Episode 156 The Obsession Desperate to do well on her exams, Mary Ellen becomes dangerously dependent on amphetamines while Cissy Tucker decides that she has had enough of Yancy and walks out on her husband.
Episode 157 The Changeling Elizabeth is about to have her 13th birthday, and is not really looking forward to growing up when a poltergeist appears in the Walton home, frightening everyone.
Episode 158 The Portrait Erin is strangely attracted to a troubled artist who has just returned from Paris. He asks permission to paint Erin's portrait as a part of a war time mural he wants to create. Grandma gets a canary that refuses to sing.
Episode 159 The Captive Jim-Bob tries to teach Elizabeth to drive but it seems that she is not a natural. Corabeth's business ventures are ruined by her secret drinking, which is becoming a real problem.
Episode 160 The Illusion Verdie's daughter Esther arrives with her child, bitter over the frustrations of being a college-educated black woman. It seems that even though she has a good education, being a Negro woman she cannot get a good job. Erin, however, manages to help her to find a job at J.D. Pickett's.
Episode 161 The Beau Grandma is visited by a former suitor much to Elizabeth's dismay and Jim-Bob starts a business with Yancy to produce fuel from alcohol, instead of the moonshine which Yancy had been making.
Episode 162 Day of Infamy The Pearl Harbor attack shakes everyone, especially Mary Ellen, whose husband, Curt, is stationed in Hawaii.
Episode 163 The Yearning Elizabeth finds love when the Waltons house the new minister after a skunk strikes the parsonage and Erin helps the Baldwin ladies to write their memoirs, and in doing so, discovers a ring given to Miss Mamie by her old suitor, Ashley Longworth.
Episode 164 The Boosters Ben decides to take advantage of a wartime increase in traffic by opening an auto court, despite his father's disapproval while Yancy studies barbering through the mail with the intention of opening a barber shop business.
Episode 165 The Conscience Jason grapples with his misgivings about joining the Army and seriously considers being a conscientious objector. Jim-Bob gets a military tattoo after being told he is too young to enlist.
Episode 166 The Obstacle The Walton family takes in an old school friend of John-Boy's who is confined to a wheelchair after suffering an injury in the war.
Episode 167 The Parting Olivia, worried John is overworking himself, suggests a vacation, only to learn disturbing news about herself after returning home. She discovers that she is suffering from tuberculosis and must enter a sanitarium if she is to recover.
Episode 168 The Burden An incredible bit of luck saves reckless Jim-Bob from possible serious injury, causing a drastic change in his rebellious attitude.
Episode 169 The Pin-Up Mary Ellen becomes very overprotective of her son, John Curtis, and neglects her career. Since Curt's death she fears that she may lose her son too. Ben enters a photo of Erin in a contest only to find that the photo is turned into Camp Lee's official pinup.
Episode 170 The Attack Ike is hospitalized after a heart attack, leaving Elizabeth in charge of his store; Ben and Jim-Bob go into the molasses business.
Episode 171 The Legacy Miss Emily Baldwin thinks the Army-officer son of her old love is his father, returned to court her. Ashley Longworth, Jr. looks very like his father, who had been refused permission, by her father Judge Baldwin, to marry Miss Emily.
Episode 172 The Outsider Ben shocks the family with a new bride, and finds married life is not that easy, however Grandma steps in with some very wise advice for the young couple. Ike surprises Corabeth, but with the wrong fountain.
Episode 173 The Torch The Waltons try to protect their father from an old flame who arrives on the mountain and buys the Dew Drop Inn. Elizabeth and Cindy open a canteen for the soldiers of Camp Rockfish.
Episode 174 The Talespin Jim-Bob's dreams of flying in the Air Corps are shot down when he fails an eye test and is rejected by them. He runs off to join the army instead. Mary Ellen tries to match Erin with Curt's old friend, an Army sergeant.
Episode 175 Founders' Day As a part of his course, Jason is required to compose an original piece of music and the result is Appalachian Portrait. Earl Hamner also appears in this episode to present a small piece on the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Walton family.

Season Eight 1979-1980
Episode 176 The Home Front (1) Olivia returns home to find many changes. John helps locate a recruit gone AWOL and Erin considers asking for a raise. Erin finally confronts J.D. Pickett, her employer. Jason shapes up his recruits. A grieving father attacks Jim-Bob and John-Boy is missing in action.
Episode 177 The Home Front (2) Olivia returns home to find many changes. John helps locate a recruit gone AWOL and Erin considers asking for a raise. Erin finally confronts J.D. Pickett, her employer. Jason shapes up his recruits. A grieving father attacks Jim-Bob and John-Boy is missing in action.
Episode 178 The Kinfolk Cousin Rose arrives at the Walton home with her grandchildren and a determination to make Olivia's life easier and Ike enlists Jim-Bob for a secret project.
Episode 179 The Diploma Mary Ellen substitutes as the county nurse while John searches for his diploma to prove to the Army that he did graduate from high school. When he can't locate the diploma he is required to take another test.
Episode 180 The Innocents Olivia campaigns for a day nursery so that the workers at the defense plant are able to leave their children somewhere safe. Plans are being made for the Godsey's anniversary but they are almost ruined by jealousy.
Episode 181 The Starlet A director making a documentary about the Pickett Plant gains Erin's cooperation by telling her she has the potential to become a Hollywood star.
Episode 182 The Journal A publisher wants to print John-Boy's manuscript, even though he is missing in action so he approaches John and Olivia for their permission. Jeff doesn't want Reckless put to sleep when he becomes ill.
Episode 183 The Lost Sheep Ashley Longworth Jr. returns to ask Erin to marry him, but their plans are disrupted when he confesses to her that he's an atheist.
Episode 184 The Violated (1) Olivia searches for the man who raped an Army wife; Corabeth expects an inheritance; news comes of missing John-Boy. This story is continued in the following episode, The Waiting.
Episode 185 The Waiting (2) Olivia works as a Red Cross volunteer while watching over seriously injured John-Boy's recovery.
Episode 186 The Silver Wings Jim-Bob helps a newcomer, the wife of an Air Corps pilot, refurbish an old cabin and finds himself falling hopelessly in love.
Episode 187 The Wager Elizabeth coaches Erin and Mary Ellen in a run-and-ride race being held to raise war-bond money; Jeff dreams of meeting a movie star.
Episode 188 The Spirit As Christmas nears, Jeffrey befriends an escaped German POW hiding on Walton's Mountain; Corabeth's holiday pageant is canceled.
Episode 189 The Fastidious Wife Cindy endangers her unborn baby trying to be the perfect wife, catering to Ben's every whim. Jeffrey names his new cat Harold then finds that he is expecting kittens.
Episode 190 The Unthinkable One of Jason's fellow recruits is a Jewish Polish American, who tells how his grandfather was arrested and killed by German soldiers in Warsaw.
Episode 191 The Idol Elizabeth learns a new progressive teacher she admires is dying. Ben drinks to forget fears of fatherhood. He and Cindy become parents in this episode when their little girl, Virginia, is born.
Episode 192 The Prodigals Jeffrey and Josh break into Ike's store to retrieve their confiscated gambling winnings. Ben considers going to war after a soldier he meets in town ridicules him.
Episode 193 The Remembrance The family isn't sure what to do with Grandpa's cousin who came to collect an old debt from Zeb. Jason pursues a girl named Toni.
Episode 194 The Inspiration Mary Ellen and John enlist Grandma's help to convince Mamie Baldwin to have a cataract operation. Episode 195 The Last Straw John's nerves are strained to the limit as the orders pile up and the machinery breaks down. Jeffrey builds a soapbox racecar.
Episode 196 The Traveling Man Rose renews an acquaintance with her former dance partner, Stanley Perkins, and he asks her to marry him. Jim Bob decides he wants his own room.
Episode 197 The Furlough John-Boy returns home and tries to recall the details of his plane crash for a comrade's sister. Although he has recovered physically, he still has a problem remembering things. Ike is arrested for draft evasion after he ignores a letter from the army requesting him to enlist.
Episode 198 The Medal Mary Ellen is attracted to a paratrooper who brings her some mementos of Curt. Corabeth's old flame pressures her to meet with him.
Episode 199 The Valediction Jim Bob graduates at the head of his class and prepares to go overseas to fight. Erin learns Ashley Longworth has married in London. All the Walton boys go off to fight in the war.

Season Nine 1980-1981
Episode 200 The Outrage (1) John enlists Harley Foster's help with the delivery but find they have to contend with the prejudice and bigotry of people living out of town.
Episode 201 The Outrage (2) John enlists Harley Foster's help with the delivery but find they have to contend with the prejudice and bigotry of people living out of town.
Episode 202 The Pledge Mary Ellen becomes increasingly frustrated that there is no doctor at Walton's Mountain, which leaves her family and friends at risk if there is an emergency. So she decides to become a doctor.
Episode 203 The Triumph Jason and one of his friends have to deal with questions from people upon their return from the war about killing others during wartime.
Episode 204 The Premonition John-Boy falls in love with a determined French girl. At home Cindy sees an apparition of Ben in the house, then learns that he has been captured and is now a POW.
Episode 205 The Pursuit Jim Bob is home on furlough, and meets an old girlfriend who is claiming that she is carrying his baby. Ben defies his captors.
Episode 206 The Last Ten Days As the war in Japan nears an end, Ben's captor makes an unexpected move and turns him into the American forces. Jason can't commit his future to Toni and the army turns Drew down.
Episode 207 The Move Ben returns home from the war with plans to study engineering while J.D. interrupts Erin's vacation. Cindy's father comes to see her and John has some bad news about Olivia: she must be moved to a sanitarium in Arizona.
Episode 208 The Whirlwind After accepting a proposal of marriage from Jonesy, Mary Ellen learns that Curt might well be alive. Jason reopens the Dew Drop Inn.
Episode 209 The Tempest Mary Ellen discovers that her husband is indeed alive and is living in Florida, but he is quite different from the man she remembers. In fact he tells her that he wants a divorce, leaving her free to marry Jonesy. Curt had, in fact, become impotent as a result of his war injuries and did not want to hold her to a marriage in name only. J.D. begs Erin to come back to work.
Episode 210 The Carousel After Cindy's father dies of a heart attack, she learns that she was adopted and sets out to find her natural mother. Drew's sudden lack of attention in Elizabeth irritates her.
Episode 211 The Hot Rod Jim Bob and Jody return from the service and decide to avoid responsibility for a while. The Baldwin sisters find their grandfather's still.
Episode 212 The Gold Watch Rose's old suitor, Stanley Perkins, returns and conceals a secret about his health from her. Jason and Jody hire a singer to bring business to their newly reopened Dew Drop Inn, but the singer causes problems for Jason when he pays a lot of attention to Toni.
Episode 213 The Beginning The Waltons Mountain Baptist Church gets yet another new minister, this time Tom Marshall. Toni moves into the Baldwin home and finally admits to everyone that she is indeed Jewish. Despite the differences in their religions, Jason decides to ask Toni to marry him.
Episode 214 The Pearls Corabeth's twin sister drops in to see Ike while Corabeth is away. Elizabeth feels very lonely for her parents and makes up her mind to leave home and visit them in Arizona.
Episode 215 The Victims The Waltons come to the rescue of a woman whose drunken husband beats her and Jim Bob invests in the war surplus hoping to make his fortune.
Episode 216 The Threshold John-Boy returns home, not knowing what he really intends to do in the future, but an opportunity does present itself. Meanwhile Zuleika Dunbar sets her sights on winning the affections of Rose's beau, Stanley.
Episode 217 The Indiscretion Old love letters make Corabeth think Ike is guilty of adultery and wants a divorce. Drew wants Elizabeth to spend the night with him.
Episode 218 The Heartache Rose's happiness with Stanley is threatened by her heart condition and she cancels their upcoming wedding. Cindy finds that work isn't exactly what she expected and she, like Olivia before her, discovers that she would prefer to be at home than at work.
Episode 219 The Lumberjack Paul Northridge, the son of a man owning a prosperous lumber mill business, arrives at Walton's Mountain and falls in love with Erin.
Episode 220 The Hostage A 14-year old girl is promised to marry another man from Walton's Mountain, as is the old custom. Appalled, Mary Ellen steps in to try to stop the wedding from taking place, but when the bridegroom kidnaps Elizabeth until his betrothed is returned to him, action has to be taken.
Episode 221 The Revel John-Boy decides to go to New York to pursue his career as a writer but is forced to return home when times get tough.