Roxy - PTSD Service Dog — Service

Charity Partner: Paws and Stripes
Sponsor: Modern Dog Magazine
Location: Canton, North Carolina

Hello everyone, my name is Justin. I am a disabled veteran from the Iraq war. I was deployed to Iraq, as an US Army Infantry soldier. While in Baghdad during my 2006 deployment, I was blown up an IED. I now suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. Once I was out of the military, I received Roxy for a PTSD Service Dog, she is fully trained from Off leash K9 training Asheville NC. Roxy is trained in basic and advanced obedience, with three Canine Good Citizenship Awards. Roxy has been tasked trained to indicate on my anxiety, so she can help alert me before the PTSD gets to out of control. She helps provide a distraction, so I can concentrate on something else besides the PTSD. She helps me on a daily basis with simple life tasks. If it wasn’t for her showing me that it’s okay to be in society, I probably wouldn’t be here today.

I take Roxy to our local VA hospital to help share Roxy’s ability to other Veterans. We enjoy bringing happiness and joy to the Veterans of the VA. Most people have never seen a pitbull as a service dog, but once they meet Roxy and see what she does, you can tell how much they really enjoy meeting her. We really hope Roxy can be the next top Hero Dog, to help continue too show the world that Pitbulls are good dogs, but also amazing Service Dogs. We appreciate your time in reading our story, please help Roxy get to the top! Thank you for your support. God bless our Troops and our Veterans! Until they all come home.