Ruby — Search and Rescue

Charity Partner: National Search Dog Alliance
Location: East Greenwich, Rhode Island

October of 2017, Ruby, now six years on the job as a Rhode State Police K-9. A teenage boy had gone missing from his home in the Town of Gloucester. After about 36 hours and failed attempts by human search efforts, the Gloucetser Police department requested the services of the Rhode Island State Police K-9 Division. K-9 Ruby and I answered the call and responded along with other K-9 teams to scene. As part of normal protocol, I briefly interviewed the victim’s mother. During the conversation, it was revealed that the victim’s mother was Patricia Inmann. Patricia Inman revealed that she had volunteered her services working with Ruby six years ago at the RISPCA and fostered her each time she was returned.

After hours of searching, K-9 Ruby and I were ultimately successful in finding the missing teenager, but unfortunately he was found in grave medical condition. State Police and EMS services removed the boy from the scene and transported him to a local hospital where he made a full recovery. If it were not for the effort of the State Police and especially K-9 Ruby, that young boy’s life may have been lost.

You can think what you may, but I believe that was Ruby’s way of saying thank you to Ms. Inman for taking care of her during her rough beginning. Ruby was given a chance at life and ended up saving a life. With the efforts of two organizations (RISP and RISPCA) and a handful of amazing and dedicated people, great things can happen. Ruby is also featured in a soon to be released award-winning film, which documents her rescue, her rigorous training to become a certified Search & Rescue K9 and her first official searches with her handler, Daniel O’Neil.