Willow — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pilots N Paws
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Willow is a survivor of the S. Korean dog meat trade. His owners turned him into the slaughterhouse because he was old. Neglected, with cut ears, matted hair, a mouth of bad teeth and an infected tongue, he was allowed rescue because he “didn’t offer much meat”. He was a lucky one. Arriving Sept 2016, Willow is spreading awareness on social media and making public appearances to educate people on animal welfare topics (incl. the dog and cat meat trade) through non-traumatic and non-graphic ways and presenting resources to help more of his 4-legged friends.

Willow travels internationally in foam board form and poses with trade survivors. His campaign, “I Am Willow I Am Not Food” raises flight funds for dogs. He is the mascot for a newly created Animal Rights Club at a local school helping students advocate for change in the classroom and aiding their school in becoming the first vegan option cafeteria in the State. We are developing educational tools to use as an animal welfare speaker series for schools and conferences. He is also getting therapy dog certification to spread awareness to disabled children through animal related books/reading programs. Willow is a voice and inspiration leader for millions of animals not just those subjected to the dog and cat meat trade. People listen, learn and respond to Willow. He is a solution for raising awareness. Willow is an EMERGING HERO who will grow that status into something to make a lifelong paw print in the animal welfare world.